Friday, November 6, 2015

Tech in Math/Econ #10

Bitcoin is another relatively new technology that has proven to be useful in the field of economics. Bitcoin allows transactions to be made with no middle-man which means no banks have to be used. The currency also allows for the user to not give their name and also not have to pay and fee. Bitcoins can be bought and sold much like stocks and their price fluctuates based on demand. The currency is very useful in the field of economics because they can be bought and sold more easily than other currencies.

Tech in Econ/Math #9

The Internet allows communication in two ways: static communication through Web pages, and dynamic communication through information being exchanged. Data posted to a Web page, such as product specifications, allow instant access to the same data from anywhere in the world, a static form of communication that frees up company resources which would otherwise be engaged in constantly repeating the same information. The internet allows for economics to be a much bigger field than it once was.

Tech in Math/Econ #8

Cloud computing takes networking to a whole new level. Documents and programs can be stored in “virtual” drives or computers, and can can be accessed by any authorized user through ordinary Internet connections. Cloud computing allows real-time communication and interaction exactly the way a network does, with access extended to global level. Cloud computing eliminates data lost through system crashes, avoids problems with network downtime as well as providing the ability for software upgrades to be performed network-wide by upgrading a single instance of an application. Google Docs is an example of cloud computing where multiple users can interact on document production in real-time.

Tech in Math/Econ #7

SkyTree is a high-performance machine learning and data analytics platform focused specifically on handling Big Data. Machine learning, in turn, is an essential part of Big Data, since the massive data volumes make manual exploration, or even conventional automated exploration methods unfeasible or too expensive.

Tech in Math/Econ #6

MapReduce is a software program used for analytics and big data. The program is created to processing and generator extremely large amounts of data. The program is extremely efficient at sorting and filter large amounts of data which makes it a very valuable technology in the field of analytics and economics. Other programs have been made similarly but MapReduce is one of the most prevalent.

Tech in Math/Econ #5

An In-Memory database is an extremely useful technology in the field of analytics and economics. The technology is a database management system that relies on main memory for computer data storage. The technology is much more efficient than other forms of storage like disk-data storage because the processes are simpler and much more efficient.

Tech in Math/Econ #4

SmartBoards are a relatively new technology that has proven to be very useful in many fields, one of which is the field of mathematics. A Smart Board is an interative whiteboard that incorporates a white board, projector, Smart Board software, and computer. With this the user can better interact with the classroom and help students understand math better.